R&D and test production

R&DAirlaid production is an innovative field, and many customers need a place where they can test and develop their ideas. Some companies have a final idea and need a place for producing; other companies need a place to test an initial idea and to further develop the product. At M&J Airlaid Products A/S we offer all potentials and facilities:

Small scale production, flexibility in mixing pulp grades, bonding methods and multiple methods of adding superabsorbent powder as well as liquid coating and binding are some of the many features offered by M&J Airlaid technology.
Furthermore, the highly qualified and experienced team at M&J Airlaid Products is ready to cooporate with you in all steps of production, test and control.
At M&J Airlaid Products A/S, we offer extensive experience in handling and forming a wide range of raw materials.

Through many years of work and experience in the Airlaid business, M&J Airlaid Products A/S has gained an extensive know-how within new raw materials, Airlaid process optimization and design of Airlaid nonwovens in trustful cooperation with a large number of customers always based on strict confidentiality.