At M&J Airlaid Products A/S we manufacture a wide range of high quality Airlaid nonwoven products. We specialize in customizing products with high complexity e.g products with high strength and superabsorption, multilayered and non-dust products.

The flexibility of the M&J production system makes the M&J Airlaid line perfect for manufacturing highly specialized multilayered products for medical care. Our M&J Airlaid line offers several types of bonding methods. The system handles pulp and/or natural fibre mixes, synthetic fibres for bonding, superabsorbent fibres, reinforcement fibres and superabsorbent powders and bonding powders.

The M&J line can also add top and bottom substrates for in-line production of advanced Airlaid roll goods.

Our Airlaid Products are designed with features such as: Drapeability, surface treatment, absorption, wicking, various densities and strengths etc.

Areas of expertise with Airlaid material:

Today Airlaid products can be used for many applications and purposes. At M&J Airlaid Products A/S we are committed to developing and manufacturing products for the above areas.