Customized products

customized-productsMore and more customers request small scale and highly specialized Airlaid production. At M&J Airlaid Products A/S our know-how and the M&J plant features match this type of production perfectly. 

  • Production speeds from a few meters per minute
  • Small scale production capability
  • Flexibility
  • Multiple production methods
  • Extensive experience in various production set-ups/methods

Due to the unique M&J/Krøyer forming technology and our extensive knowledge gained through many years of experience in the field, we can produce even small quantities without high start up and waste costs. This manufactoring flexibility makes us an ideal partner in the production of niche products.

Examples of our niche products:

  • Dental hygiene products
  • Absorbent products for technical applications
  • Meat pads
  • Washing gloves with plastic backing